Why Rockstar Should Create a Unique GTA Game for Nintendo Switch 2 Instead of Porting GTA 5

The anticipation for the Nintendo Switch 2 (unofficial name) has been building up among gaming enthusiasts, and with it comes the hope for a unique gaming experience. While many fans have expressed their desire to see Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) on the Nintendo Switch platform, there are compelling reasons why Rockstar Games should consider creating new GTA titles specifically designed for the upcoming console. In this article, we will delve into the two main reasons behind this argument and discuss the potential benefits of such a move.

Rockstar Games Has a History of Exclusive Handheld Titles

One of the primary reasons why Rockstar Games should develop new GTA titles for the Nintendo Switch 2 is the company’s history of producing exclusive titles for handheld consoles. While most of the Grand Theft Auto series games have been designed for mainstream gaming platforms, there have been instances where Rockstar ventured into the handheld market. Two notable examples of this are “Grand Theft Auto: Advance” (2004) and “Chinatown Wars” (2009).

These games were tailored to provide a unique experience on handheld devices, showcasing Rockstar’s ability to adapt their flagship franchise to different platforms. Furthermore, earlier titles like “Grand Theft Auto” (1997) and “Grand Theft Auto 2” (1999) were also released for handheld consoles, emphasizing Rockstar’s historical commitment to exploring new avenues for their games.

Rockstar Games’ Struggles with Ports

Rockstar Games’ track record with porting their titles to different platforms has been less than stellar. Take-Two Interactive’s CEO has expressed the company’s commitment to making ports worthwhile, but Rockstar Games has faced difficulties in this area.

For instance, the recent port of “Red Dead Redemption” to the Nintendo Switch left fans disappointed as it offered no significant improvements over the original version. Similarly, the “GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition” was met with severe backlash for being perceived as a port of its mobile version, lacking the expected enhancements.

Given this history, it is reasonable to question the wisdom of porting GTA 5, a game that demands significant hardware power, to the Nintendo Switch 2. Rockstar Games should instead focus on developing a new and exclusive GTA title that is optimized for the specifications of the upcoming console. This approach will ensure that players get a fresh and immersive experience, avoiding the pitfalls of a potentially underwhelming port.

The Need for Patience and Consideration

Before Rockstar Games embarks on creating new GTA titles for the Nintendo Switch 2, there is another important factor to consider: the release of GTA 6. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series for nearly a decade, and the expectations are incredibly high. Therefore, it would be wise for the studio to announce the release date for GTA 6 before venturing into other projects.

Releasing new GTA titles for the Nintendo Switch 2 while the community is still waiting for GTA 6 could potentially upset fans and dilute the excitement surrounding the main series. To avoid this, Rockstar Games should prioritize finishing GTA 6 and satisfying the long-standing demand for the next Grand Theft Auto title.


In conclusion, Rockstar Games has a rich history of creating exclusive titles for handheld consoles, which makes it a suitable candidate for developing new GTA titles for the Nintendo Switch 2. Porting GTA 5 may not be the best approach, considering the challenges the studio has faced with previous ports. Instead, focusing on an exclusive title optimized for the upcoming console will provide a fresh and engaging experience for gamers.

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However, this move should only be considered after announcing the release date for GTA 6 to ensure that fans’ expectations are met. With no known projects from Rockstar Games beyond GTA 6, exploring the handheld console market with new titles is a promising opportunity that can further diversify their portfolio and provide exciting gaming experiences for a wider audience.

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